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“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn – and change”

Carl Rogers

Poltava National Technical University

Ukraine (Full Time) |

1990 – 1995
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Structural Engineering
Graduation Project :

Office of Geophysics Company with data center in the city of Kiev

Subjects Studied:

• Architecture
• Structural Mechanics
• Construction Technologies & Methods
• Construction Project Management
• Theoretical Mechanics
• Geodesy
• Building Materials
• Resistance of Materials
• Basics of Theory of Elasticity & Plasticity
• Heating Engineering, Heat & Gas Supply, Ventilation
• Electrical Engineering & Basics of Electronics
• Hydraulics, Water Supply & Sewerage

• Steel Structures
• Reinforced Concrete Structures
• Wood & Plastic Structures
• Higher Mathematics
• General Chemistry
• Physics
• Descriptive Geometry
• Drawing & Designing
• AutoCAD
• Engineering Geology & Environment Protection
• Soil Mechanics & Foundations
• Applied Mechanics of Liquid & Gas
• Automation In Construction

• Computer Programming
• Basics Economic Theory
• Construction Economics
• Philosophy
• Politology & Sociology
• Political History
• Science of Law
• Basics of Scientific-Technical Creativity
• Invention
• Metrology & Quality Control In Construction
• Construction Machinery
• Welding in Construction
• Construction Safety
• Basics Of Accounting
• Foreign Language (French)

The Open University

United Kingdom (Distance Learning) |

Certificate Awarded: Certificate in Social Sciences

The Open University

United Kingdom (Distance Learning) |

Degree Pursuing: BA (Honours) Business Studies with Economics
Courses Completed:
  • An Introduction to the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change

    Concepts of identity, nature, power, globalisation and knowledge;

  • Economics and Economic Change

    Concepts of micro- and macroeconomics: demand and supply, competition, monopoly, strategy, well-being, circular flow income and money, unemployment and inflation, international trade and production, investment, growth and stabilisation;

  • Understanding Business Behaviour

    Concepts of environments, markets, processes, organisations;

Additional Training

ALPINE: VIEW / AiMS Layout and Truscad

VIEW calculations, aspects of loading, design of different types of roof truss framing, overview various roof shapes, link to AutoCAD and hsbCAD to produce a working drawing, using Scheduler and Output Processor;

May 2005 Ireland

CMSE: Safe Pass Health and Safety Awareness Training Programme

Safety culture, accident reporting and prevention, working at heights, excavations and confined spaces, working with electricity, personal protective equipment,  hand held equipment and tools,  safe use of vehicles,  noise and vibrations,  manual handling, health and hygiene

Aug 2007 Ireland

CSC: Fastrak Building Designer Training Course

Creating three dimensional models of different structures using different material and sections, creating 3D isometric drawings along with 2D plans, structural analysis and design;

Dec 2007 Ireland

CIRIA: Introduction to SUDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Implementing sustainable drainage systems, review of regulatory framework, the SUDS management train, basic approach to SUDS design, worked examples;

Feb 2008 Ireland

Micro Drainage: SUDS – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

SUDS feasibility, design of attenuation and infiltration structures, practical application of the WinDes SUDS capabilities, SUDS policies in Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland;

June 2008 Ireland

Micro Drainage: Storage, Attenuation & Simulation

Offsite discharges control and the efficient use of storage within WinDes designs, usage of animated simulations to analyze and evaluate drainage systems;

June 2008 Ireland