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Force rules the world, and not opinion; but opinion is that which makes use of force”

Blaise Pascal

Engineering Mind

If engineers were in charge, would the state of the economy be different? I think there is a big chance it would.

After being in search of employment for some time I was very surprised and disappointed to see how much the potentiality of engineers is not appreciated and how difficult it is for them to qualify for jobs outside of their fields. Do you actually think that engineers only know how to put bolts and nuts together? Just take a look around you and try to imagine what amount of knowledge and skills is required to engineer and construct that building. In our work, we apply knowledge from several sciences. We work with software applications of the highest complexity and often even develop the software ourselves. We have knowledge of a wide range of industries because our clients come from every possible field. Each project we work on is different and requires us to learn something new. Project managers coordinate inputs from multiple different businesses and professions. And do you really believe that these minds would not be able handle some warehouse operations?! – they would learn it in a week. And what is more, they will definitely invent some new ways to improve your operations.

Engineers are NOT JUST TAUGHT a limited number of skills within specific fields. Engineers are TAUGHT to SOLVE PROBLEMS – of unpredictable nature. Engineers are TAUGHT to LEARN – are prepared for lifelong upgrading of knowledge and skills. Engineers are TAUGHT to make NEW things – THAT DID NOT EXIST BEFORE, to CREATE – Dictionary Definition: “To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to exist”.


Engineering Mind = Inquiring Mind = Constantly Learning Mind = Intelligent Mind


whatever industry you are recruiting for, you can never go wrong with engineering minds 😉

Engineering Education

I was educated in a country which does not exist anymore – the Soviet Union. Well, I started to study when it was the Soviet Union but graduated in one of the newly appeared countries – Ukraine. The Soviet Union was bad in most aspects, but certainly not in education. And it was especially strong in engineering education. When I received a redundancy notice in the end of 2008, I was not worried too much about finding a new job, even though I was aware that the construction industry was most severely affected by the crisis. Back in Ukraine, any commercial or industrial company, even economic or financial institutions will be more than happy to hire engineers for almost any position, including and especially managerial. More than a half of my university classmates are working in industries other than the construction. An engineering degree in Ukraine or Russia in first place is treated as a sign of highly educated and intelligent person and only then as a qualification for “putting bolts and nuts together”. This funny video is not far from reality:




But not in Ireland and I guess in the rest of the Western world… I think the reason for this is that Western education system provides too narrow specialised knowledge, and therefore recruiters sincerely believe that engineers would be useless anywhere else but in engineering.

I had to start my own company, and now I am trying to make a go at ecommerce. Why not an engineering company? I think there is no chance for a newcomer in the industry where well established companies are struggling to find work or being even forced out of business. I am not really that kind of “marketing- sales” man, but I definitely enjoyed the development part. I learned a lot about Internet technologies, web design and ecommerce. Online store is a system, and this is what engineers do – we make the system to work.

The key feeling engineers have to develop during an educational process is the DESIRE TO LEARN. And the key skill engineers have to learn is HOW TO LEARN. Thus, it is naturally easy for us to learn any new things. I started to learn English when I was 30 years old. And I have learned it by myself without any classes or teachers. All of my computer / IT knowledge were self-taught, including computer-aided design (CAD) – I was actually very surprised to find out that there are very expensive AutoCAD courses. Come on guys, just buy a book and that is all you need to learn CAD. Nothing is impossible – this is about engineers.

Is such a narrowness of the education good or bad? Until the current economic crisis has occurred, a few would doubt that the education system works fine. Of course, the economic prosperity is a sign of strong education system. The problem is that results of education and their impact on the economic and social development show up over a long period of time. One of distinctive features of our era is that society is changing with such a huge speed as never before. Therefore, equipping members of the society with “over-specialised” qualifications without having sufficient general education outside of their fields, in my opinion, is potentially dangerous for the future and just impractical. Specific knowledge may become outdated very quickly.

The Power of Thought

There are many good old sayings like the following ones:
“He can because he thinks he can”
Buddha: “What we think, we become”

What they state is that a thought has power. The nature and strength of this power nobody fully understands yet. But there is a strong belief that our thoughts can determine our reality and it is up to us what thoughts are coming into our minds.

I do not think we can control all thoughts coming into our minds, but I do think it is possible to control what thoughts are staying in there and for how long. The main principle of such control is to be honest with yourself. And, being honest with yourself means knowing yourself and always being yourself.

This has been beautifully expressed by Bruce Lee. Yes, not many know that he was not only a great actor and fighter but also a deep thinker and philosopher.


The garden of the mind
The mind is like a fertile garden, it will grow anything you wish to plant – beautiful flowers or weeds. And so it is with successful, healthy thoughts or with negative ones that will, like weeds, strangle and crowd the others. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.

Bruce Lee

Successful people = Successful organisations

I believe that all organisations have a specific energy represented by the aspirations of every person that makes up their reality. A company will only be as successful as its people, and they will be as successful as a company helps them to become.

On Management

Efficient management is not in ability to make people work but in the ability to make all possible for people be able to work efficiently – at their fullest potential.