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“Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. You become just by performing just actions, temperate by performing temperate actions, brave by performing brave actions.”


14 years of professional engineering experience

Design of wide range of building types and structural systems including large-scale complex projects, multi-story medium and high-rise developments; long-span structures and off-site building solutions; proficiency in structural engineering analysis and design; strong knowledge of structural mechanics; broad knowledge of structural engineering theories and methods; extensive experience in using computer methods.

Drawing, 3D modelling, Graphic, Video, Multimedia

Extensive experience in computer aided design and drafting including 3d environment; proficiency in AutoCAD; knowledge of 3D Studio MAX; knowledge of a wide range graphics editing software applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite; photography and video skills; knowledge of Adobe Flash and Premiere Pro; ability to produce high-quality computer-generated graphics and realistic 3D visualisations; enthusiasm and a passion for 3D graphics design and multimedia development.
International experience in different climate zones including extreme Arctic conditions
Ukraine, Russia, Ireland, United Kingdom
Business Development
International business development and sales experience with a leading global engineering and manufacturing company, mentored by some of the best business professionals; eCommerce; own business development.

Self-taught Web Designer / Developer

Ecommerce and information websites design experience; strong knowledge of HTML and CSS; Practical experience with WordPress and Magento; basic knowledge of XML, PHP and JavaScript scripting; experience developing in Adobe Dreamweaver; extensive knowledge of principles, patterns and methodologies of web design; familiarity with basic principles of relational database design; genuine interest in Internet technologies, information architecture and analytics.
Technical skills / knowledge / strengths:
  • Proficiency in structural engineering analysis and design

    Strong knowledge of structural mechanics; broad knowledge of structural engineering theories and methods including Finite Element Analysis ; extensive experience in using computer methods and conventional hand calculations;

  • Knowledge of British Standards and Codes of Practice; FM Global standards

    7.5 years designing timber, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry structures to British Standards;

  • High level of computer literacy

    Proficiency in AutoCAD, wide range of structural analysis and design software applications, civil engineering software and common Microsoft applications; advanced graphic and 3D modelling skills; software development experience;

  • Off-site construction

    Factory pre-engineering of timber frame buildings experience;

  • Drainage system design

    Storm water drainage and sewer systems design experience;

  • Extremely high standards of quality

    Perfect quality is what makes me proud of myself the most;

  • Design approach: creative, innovation in everything

    High Interest in new technologies, focus on CAD, automatisation of design process and software development;

Project management skills:
  • Strong Leadership and organising skills; ability to work autonomously and collaboratively

    Natural leadership abilities considerably developed during work in Arctic; gained high respect and recognition among construction team workers which is crucial in such hard conditions in order to succeed;

  • Critical thought and decision-making

    Ability to structure and present logical arguments, analyse information critically, and make informed decisions;

  • High-level people skills

    Able to see from the perspective of others and care for their welfare;

  • High-level communication skills

    Good English Language skills in speech and writing; wide experience with information and communication technologies;

  • Multi cultural communication skills

    Experience of working with Russian, Ukrainian, Irish, English, Polish, Finnish and Austrian engineers;

  • Socio-cultural sensitivity

    High ethical standards in relation to professional practice;

  • Good understanding of economic contexts and business procedures

    Knowledge of economics, organisational operations and understanding of business objectives;

  • Style: flexible

    Natural tendencies are people-oriented but would match style to the environment for the best result;

Personal Characteristics:

  • Analytical, intellectual, ambitious, structured, optimistic, creative, responsible;
  • All-round self-development is the way of life;
  • Easy adaptability to change and ability to function efficiently in unfamiliar settings;
  • Enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life;
  • Openness and confidence in trying new things; willingness to take risk;
  • Ability to learn independently new things quickly and easily;
  • High moral and ethical standards;

Deeper and Wider…

  • A Manager who is strong advocate of systems thinking as opposed to command thinking;
  • A Developer and Designer who is more interested in designing (or, in some cases, beating) a system than managing it;
  • A Knowledge Seeker who has a strong autodidactic spirit, however, formally M.S. qualified in Structural Engineering and doing B.A. in Business Studies; interested in many areas of engineering, technology, natural and social sciences;
  • A Challenger who genuinely enjoys types of projects that are a brain-teaser (the more difficult the better); get bored when it becomes routine; easy adaptable to change and able to function efficiently in unfamiliar settings;
  • An Entrepreneur who is always full of new ideas and has a passion for development; confident in trying new things and willing to take risks;
  • A Workaholic who sets extremely high standards for himself and believes in his own hard work;